``Michael has a remarkable gift. The ability to understand each artists' unique talent and vision. Then, he works with and inspires the artist. The end result is a beautiful showcase, that works. If you are fortunate enough to be working with Michael Ash, then you are working with THE BEST. On another note, Michael Ash taught me how to be an agent. He knows.``

Bill Charles

Photo Agent

``In 1986, when I first came to New York to show my portfolio, Michael was the only agent who immediately saw the great potential in my work. All the “hot shot agents” at the time thought that this kind of photography would never make it. I’m happy to see, that after all these years, Michael is still on the forefront to assess what’s next.``

Raymond Meier


``When selecting a photographer for a commercial production, Michael not only provides a photographer that fits the project but also selects a photographer that is pure and speaks from their heart with their own words, not one that is renown or famous. He not only promotes photographers with technique but speaks for them and I am proud to be one of these photographers. Commercial production has increased further in logical speed and in a world where we are losing uniqueness and artistic talent, Michael will speak a message to the world that is full of love and an essence that must not be lost.``

Kenji Aoki


``You have such a wonderful eye and great instincts, and am grateful for your generosity.``

Jody Quon

Executive Photo Editor at New York Magazine

``I met Michael in 1998 before I moved to NYC from Singapore. He was, and still is, a legendary figure.I travelled a great distance hoping to show him my portfolio and seek his advise. Though he was extremely busy, he spent 30 minutes talking to me about my work. I was extremely nervous and he put me at ease with his candid remarks and straight to the points advise. Because of his many years of experience in the industry and his closeness to the art buyers and creatives teams, he is able to know what this creative industry needs. Make no mistake, he is not the guy who will tell you to conform to what the market needs. He will look at your vision and let you know how it can be used in the industry. He believes in pushing the envelope, he believes in me and I am eternally grateful to him. I would not know where I will be now if I had not met Michael Ash.``

John Clang


``Michael’s extraordinary level of taste in photography comes from his long history of working with a remarkable number of the most truly talented photographers in the world, many whom he discovered, producing the most amazing iconic campaigns. That and osmosis; something was bound to rub off. He also posses an inherent gut instinct about photography, I trust his opinion and value his knowledge. He understands my brief never changes, “Make me look good.”

Warren Eakins

Creative Director

``Michael Ash is a rare connection in the photography world. Over the past 20 years or so, I’ve been grateful for his ability to be a visionary curator of amazing talent and just a hard working guy who makes shit happen. When you work with Michaael, you can expect clear, uncomplicated collaboration and images with power and memorability.``

Randy Elia

Partner, Bennett.Elia Advertising

``I met Michael Ash in 1990 when I just arrived in NYC. He gave me a step by step instruction how to build a powerful portfolio, and taught me what to focus on to being distinguished form other photographers. He drew a map for me to be a successful Still-Life photographer. Without him, I would not be able to start my career in US. It’s been over 25 years since then. Still now, I recall his advices when I run into a brick wall. And it always guides me a way to go farther.``

Kenji Toma


``When I met Michael for the first time he was like the embodyment of a New Yorker. Back than, in the early 1990ies, when there was the profession of a ``Rep`` just invented, he was already representing the greatest talents in photography, like Raymond Maier, Harry de Zitter, Kenji Toma.... Now, meeting him again, after more than 20 years, his energy is even more infecting. In a very positive sense: visionary, optimistic, motivating, intoxicating! You think he's moving through life and the industry as fast as his photographer's Porsche cars are driving. He's got grey hair, but you think you're sitting in front of another ``Benjamin Button``, he didn't age, he's fun to talk to. He also cares - and takes care! For both sides, talents and clients. And friends: in between 12 hrs he'd arranged a meeting for me with one of the most influentual woman of Photography. Kathy Ryan, Photography director of the NEW YORK TIMES. A special gift and a once in a lifetime experience for a photographer! And that's maybe a not so typical New York quality, not seeing profit in the first place, but bringing people together, based on their creative needs, ideas and visions, which are - with true artists - never obvious, he finds it by ``reading you in between the lines``. It's a great pleasure to call him my friend.``

Karsten Thormaehlen

photographer, artist, creative director

``I have worked with Michael for over 20 years on a variety of projects with a variety of photographers. Michael Ash has always had A-list photographers, and such a range of talent. He has real eye for talent and has always offered best in category talent, best still life, best beauty, best location, etc.``

Greg Bokor

Creative Director

You are so generous and supportive, blessings to you Michael, the sun will always shine on you, as you give to the world so the world will give to you!! Love Stephanie

Stephanie Menuez Pictures, LLC

Former Agent / Consultant

``Our photography world is changing so fast and been thoroughly disrupted. Yet some things remain true and timeless, including the power of great photography. But the biggest challenge today is breaking through the clutter and showing the world what you see that no one else does. This requires an exquisite, ruthless eye combined with experience - better call Michael Ash.``

Doug Menuez


``Michael has consistently forged his own path in the world of photography. Representing an incredible array of talent over the years. This is a true testament to his singular vision for sharing and supporting great photography. He has an extremely keen visual instinct for what is rising in todays market and a genuine passion to make great work.``

John Codling

Creative Director

``After following your people for years as a former art director, I was excited to have your amazing eye and energy on my own work now as a photographer. The result is exactly what I expected — beautiful. It's been a joy Michael!``

Rita Thompson


``Michael Ash is one of those few people born with a natural instinct for editing imagery. To watch him work is quite spectacular. He sees and feels how the images should flow, creating stories and moments that seamlessly ebb into one another.``

Lisa Maria Cabrera

Tenth and Hudson Production

``Michael and his team were simply phenomenal. He was able to edit, layout, and give insight to my work that I myself couldn't see. The response has been outstanding. Thanks! Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative``

Dario Calmese


``Michael has a photographic memory - from the classics to the modern - to what's happening right now. His confident and decisive style helps you form an authentic, courageous, feeling-based portfolio. And it'll get you work!``

Alexander Wagner


``Because of Michael Ash's long experience and great passion for the photographic industry, he has an admirable dedication for achieving great work. He has great taste, beautiful energy, and was extremely helpful in focusing my vision.``

Francesco Sapienza


``Michael Ash took me by surprise. His passion for bringing out the best in me was amazing - unlike anything I have experienced from other agents. His consulting is extremely personal, honest & comes from the heart. While his experience in the industry could have jaded him - the opposite is true; he rewards taking chances & following your instinct. When you think that you might have shown him your best work, he makes you dig deeper, look harder - and the result is fascinating: you are left inspired as an artist & focused on the here and now, taking your career to the next level.``

Geoffrey Goodridge


``Michael ash still has the best eyes in the industry. His ability to define a style, edit the portfolio and bring new photographers to the market is his expertise. He takes his time to go over the images until he's happy with it. His experience over the years shows in his work. He still gets excited when he sees good images. It's nice to see somebody like Michael that still loves what he's doing and hasn't lost it after 35 years in the business.``

Ezra Gozo Mansur


``I’m still benefiting from your wisdom decades later. You taught me how to see my work.``

Lauren Grabelle


``I believe in Michael's ability and talent as an agent.His vision is extraordinary finding new talents ( photographers) from all over the world to bring them over to NY and it always makes a huge success.He sees futures in the industry and knows whats upcoming and his vision is always accurate.I personally have never came across with an agent who does portfolio editing with such a huge passion and its always tastefully done with beautiful flow from page to page.His love,passion,skills including his extraordinary personality,he definitely stands out as the best photographers agent on the planet.He is the Michael Ash,I do not know anyone else performs like he does.``

Shu Akashi


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A Special Deal for the month of April

A Special Deal for the month of April

A Special Deal for the month of April

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